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Mappa tackles issue with its sophisticated human-powered algorithm that cares not only about what you like but also what you need. It will make entertainment work for you, rather than against you.

A digital platform with a handcrafted heart, this is Mappa. It \was nourished by Inesplorato, a Brazilian knowledge curation company founded in 2010, who synthesized its six year expertise into the platform while maintaining its spirit untouched: curation from humans to humans.

Our focus is knowledge. This means that some pieces of content will be fun while others not so much. And that's ok. We want you to get out of your comfort zone. Here you'll explore incredible movies, articles, talks and podcasts you wouldn't find in conventional channels.  

Our algorithm finds connections between  the information gathered from the pieces of content, scrutinized by our experienced multidisciplinary team, and the info we'll gather from you. Each piece of content is presented alongside an original customized text that highlights the key points you need to focus on.  Depending on your pace, you could have as many  as 3 new recommendations per day!

Mappa is a global platform, so most of the recommended pieces of content are in English, a lot of them without subtitles.

Imagine being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres meets Sherlock Holmes. You'll answer a fun, easy and smart questionnaire designed to really get to know you. And we never stop learning: at each milestone you arrive, another set of quick-fire questions is made to adjust your route.

Mappa will let you select between 2 exciting self-improvement missions, each one with its own overarching goal. Besides being a never-ending process, it’s gamified! Many rewards awaits you. Sad for completing a mission? Don't be, another one will immediately ensue.

Make more conscious decisions about when to explore a content! You will know how much energy you will have to dedicate to the content and even at what level it will make your mind wander.

Ask questions, let it out , open your heart to Mappa's human curators at any time.

Chat with random Mappa users about pieces of content to build knowledge.

"Mappa is a special place where you discover yourself, reflect, enjoy the ride, make questions and get uncomfortable. These experiences, these micro-guidelines transform you into someone with less filters and more understanding of the world and of those around you." 


"This year I moved to Nairobi, Kenya. And although it's incredible, I can’t watch TV and streaming services are limited. So at first I was  a little lost on what to watch in my free time. That’s when Mappa came around, with recommendations of astonishing videos related to the subjects that are most relevant to me right now (sustainability, positive impact, interdependence). Long live Mappa!”